Out-of-the-box place for out-of-the-box thinking...

Outside Picture of the Kalamazoo Enterprise CenterHow often is the phrase heard in your organization: "We need to think out of the box?" Does your company need room to expand? Or are you one of those people itching to start a new business, launch a new service, or simply develop a new idea?

Well you have come to the right place. The Kalamazoo Enterprise Center is an historic building located in an official state Renaissance Zone near downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan. We are here ready to meet your needs.

The Kalamazoo Enterprise Center offers a wide expanse of space that can be configured just about any way imaginable; everything from conference rooms to office or manufacturing space. You can carve out the size and shape you want to begin with, then expand it as you grow, or change it back if your business doesn't grow according to plan.

Picture of Manufacturing Picture of Office Space Picture of Manufacturing